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I don't know... Speaking as someone who has played on this server at launch, PvP is better now then it ever was. I took a... year long break, just getting back now, and over the last 2 weeks I'v had more fun just solo queuing and playing with some old friends, and trying to make some new ones then I ever did in my old guild.

I'm terrible, I accept this, I move on and get better. Nerd rage at losses (which seems to be what I'm best at, losing) does not fit into my philosophy.

I really don't get all the hype surrounding pre-mades and "xxx guild is to good so since they are queuing I'm not."

It seems the Win/Lose commendations divide is smaller now then before. It is also quite easy to gear up. *cough* BM Bags *cough*. So gear becomes less and less of an excuse as far as I can see. But I digress.

Seems most of the people that complain about this whole mess mind you, tend to be keyboard turning, and/or have a very rudimentary understanding of how to play each war zone.

I personally see, the Empire at any rate, has lots of good PvPers that are really almost stars but for one reason or another not quite there in terms of the cohesion needed to be truly successful in objective based PvP.

I guess maybe some basic advice to anyone who would listen... start small. Learn some key binds and talk to one of the plethora of War Zone Vets you see around the PvP terminal about the current meta game. Trust me, they would sooner answer a few questions then lose the next 6 games to basic errors.

*Spoiler Alert* There is more to winning Huttball then "pass the ball". Ask a Vet, they will tell you... or at the least rant about it.

Do you as a Jugg see that lonely Sorc healer, all alone trying to heal everyone and getting their face kicked in? Send them a whisper, group up, work together. Protect the Sorc and they will heal you, and everything is better with friends.

Might you be a Lonely Sniper? Whisper that Marauder and form a 2 man hit squad and go in on the opponents healers. You will be surprised to see how fast they go down once two of you coordinate CC and Interrupts. With no healers, the rest of their team will fall.

You won't need a 4 man group of Warlords to win. Two people working together like that, can be enough to win a game against an "OMG PREMADE" Or so... has been my experience.

Sorry this was so long...

In any regards, feel free to hit me up if you see me around, to group up, some help with key binds or just yell "Hey Neisha, you suck!!!" ..because I do. ; ;

I'm always down to PvP and always looking to learn more!

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TLDR - Up your game.