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Hey all, I have yet to post a thread on our own server forum but thought this would be a good start as I am trying to get more involved in our community regarding PVP. This is the first full length video I have made and it features the 27/0/14 hybrid KC/Balance Build and the 31/0/10 Full KC build. Want to give a special thanks to Fisherprice, Dritzfury, Bloodcrazed, and Neb (there were others, sorry if I missed you) for an extremely fun night in PVP as I hope to have more like it.

Kudos to all the PVP guilds, Imp or Pub for keeping the competition alive on our server. I truly love this game (though it needs some work) and regardless of faction or guild, we all keep this game alive. I look forward to whats in store for SWTOR PVP.

Hope you all enjoy, I am open to any questions regarding spec/playstyle so feel free to comment below or on the video. Will also be doing videos on my Assualt Spec Vanguard in the near future.
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