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why are you straight up lying to the guy? you can make lightsaber hilts starting at lvl 11 i believe.
They weren't really lying, they were assuming that aside from the generic hilt modification, the OP was inquiring about what styles of double bladed sabers (which in this game really boils down to the design of the hilt, the various custom sabers have different hilt models, some awesome some ugly some bland some super spikey evil looking, etc). And the answer to that question was fairly accurate.

If OP is talking specifically about Hilt modifications then I will clarify some things. First off, hilt modifications made with Artifice are good in any saber, and not saber style specific. Second off, you can easily know what types of hilts will be available to craft at level 10 by taking the skill, going to your trainer, and learning what you can. But to answer the question if applied to hilt modifications, Might (high str low end) and Resolve (high will low end). You don't really get into the more specific hilt mods until later levels when the different roles become more apparent.

Another clarification to the OP, nothing you craft will rely on your level to craft. The stuff you craft will have level restrictions to use, but a Level 10 character can get a crafting profession up to 400 without ever leaving fleet and be able to make anything their profession can. So stating "At level 10" is sort of moot aside from getting across that you presumably also mean "With artifice 1"

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