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Dont bother with a crafting profession. That might have worked when there were more servers and less competition. But now that everyone is on like 5 servers theres too many people crafting and sometimes items hardly sell for the price of mats. Take up Bioanlysis for sure. Can farm Mutegenic paste in Section X or whatever its called as all the animals near the daily area can be harvested and that stuff goes for 1k-1500 a piece. Id also take scavenging or archaeology as your second and then slicing as your 3rd. Only do rich yield rank 5 missions. Theres 2 of them and they crit quite often and give you 340 missions. Or you could take Diplomacy and sell Radioactive paste. Goes for 8k a piece of my server. Can also get purple rank 5 companion gifts, which again go for sometimes 12-15k a piece or more.

I have tried making credits with cybertech selling armorings,mods, and earpieces and also artifice selling hilts and enhancements but it just wasnt worth the time and effort. Its easier to just send 5 companions out to gather stuff while you do WZs or dailies.