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01.06.2013 , 01:17 PM | #6
I've levelled 4 toons now with cyber/armourmech/bio and one other with all gathering skills.

Although for me those 3 are very usefull at gearing my toons up until they hit 50,they don't make me much money with the finished product(considering the extra time to make the products that sell)if i'm not making anything to wear myself,i find it easier,quicker,less of a hassel and more profitable to just sell my materials.

Bugs me that most items materials equal up to the price of the finished product,really does make the end action of crafting worthless.

In saying that,i do make a minor profit from selling lower level purples and augmentations(when i can be bothered to craft them)

I don't raid(cause of the fps issues i have) so i have no chance of aquiring those schematics or items that can allow me to learn the top items of each profession,so i can't say if that's profitable