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01.06.2013 , 11:22 AM | #5
you are going to get several different answers to this question and it will depend on how you play the game.

if your intentions are to play only one toon or two and not have any alts then slicing with two gathering skills can be ok. but remember this. most of the players who have all the crew skills like myself with several alts dont buy mats from the gtn. we can easily get our own. however i am sure someone out there will buy your stuff in a few days or so if priced reasonably

you can make credits with any of the crew skills but it takes some trial and error especially if one is new to it. one must keep a eye on what is selling, when it is selling and for how much. also you need to know your competition. it is a mini game in and of itself.

also remember to take into account the ability to make stuff for yourself and your alts as it can be done cheaper than buying it from the gtn. so you will save credits (or earn them back) if you are going to have several alts. you can still sell items on the gtn for credits too.

hopefully i gave you some information to aid you in your decision and not confuse you more.