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I only go to Section X for bio mats (those dailies are a hassle). I just switch to the busiest instance and farm the corpses of all those creatures. I just stay close to the area where ppl are supposed to kill them for the dailies and farm. Lots of corpses laying around. I barely bother killing them myself. ( Just wait a for a few seconds in case the player who killed them is a gatherer as well. No need to ninja mats, lol )
LOL, that reminds me of my old WOW days when players use to follow me around in the daily areas to skin my kills. After my first kill that I did not skn, I gathered a crowd.

Section X is terrible (that is a generous overstatement) and I don't usually bother with it since none of my 50s have bio. I do something like you in Ilum because my 50s have scavaging. There are certain areas where my Sith Sorc follows the JKs around and fills his bag full of mats after they take down turrets. LOL, it must feel really strange to be followed in your questing by player of the opposite faction. I agree with your comment and would never try to ninja a mat from another player's kill. That is pretty low. I only gather after they have moved on.