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I still feel kind of strung along, mind; I have to wonder how long ago they decided to delay this with companions and why they sat on that information for so long, if nothing else it would've been nice to know two characters ago.
I think they may have hesitated to put forward the info, unsure whether they'd implement it with Makeb or later. That's the only thing that really makes sense to me, and some incidents (like deleted tweets and such) support this notion.

Not sure why my post a page back was deleted, since it wasn't really off topic. Trying again.

Games like ME have romance options like Jack for instance, who is widely considered to be bisexual, even though I'm not sure whether she was ever available for SGR.

Would companions like Jack be in line with the SW canon, you know, androgynous folks, maybe even races/cultures that fit that description?

I'm thinking that a few characters like Jack would be good for implementing SGR for later companions in SWTOR, as OGR and SGR options.