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I have finished 6/8 of the class stories.

I would rank them thusly:
IA > SW > Smuggler > SI > JK > JC.

Empire stories are just better. You say afternoon cartoon? JK is the very definition of cliche afternoon cartoon. JC tried to go the more mature route but fell flat on keeping it interesting. IA is good enough to be its own full feature film. SW is amazing if you actually RP it (by that I mean making choices based on the situation and not full dark or full light). If you just mash the dark button it's cheesy.

Although I tend to agree that the overarching empire bits leave a lot to be desired.
I agree. IA story blows all others out of the water. I tried playing republic story lines but in comparison to the storylines of the Empire I have played all the way through IA, SW, SI. They just seemed, well.....boring.

From previous comments, I believe the Empire chose DK as their home world because of the strong dark side energy that resides there. It's not an ideal planet for a city that's a given, but there is a lot of power there.

If you go through a descent amount of story comment for the Empire, what a serious threat they are and smart they have to fight, considering they are greatly outnumbered in regards to military. There was one cut scene I particularly enjoyed
If force choking Jawas is wrong, I don't want to be right.