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1.) Maybe just my server, but people still ninja loot and chests/glowies in world all the time. I get so tired of beating down a trash mob and an Elite only to have some jack wagon come in and take the chest I was trying to get or grab the resource node or quest clickie I needed.
2.) Respawn timers for open world quests/glowies are still ridiculously long. The Gree mission in the waterworks in Coruscant is the perfect example. The bonus mission is to kill 8 droids I think, but it will take you forever if it's populated because the enemies take forever to respawn and if you have 2-3 people trying to do the quest you sit there awhile waiting. This happens in a lot of areas and is still an issue to me.
3.) Travel is still awful on the bigger planets and it seems like it's even easier now to get knocked off my speeder.
4.) Still seems like they want to force you into needing help/grouping for some class missions by putting very hard boss encounters in them.
5.) The Legacy system is awesome if you have the credits. Probably my favorite thing is being able to get mailbox and GTN terminal on my ship so I don't have to run back to fleet if I'm on a planet with no GTN and need to get some gear after getting a couple of levels.
6.) Late level skills are still way too expensive. I'm not sure how everyone else makes a ton of credits, but I've been trying to level my old 43 and I can't afford to keep her skills current when they are 20k+ a pop.
7.) Crafting other than Bio and Cybertech still seems to be a horribly broken mess and a waste of time.
1. i dun usually have problems with that, but that's prolly because i loot/pick up nodes before i fight. even when i don't, i haven't been bothered by loot ninjas much. i'm on Jedi Covenant.

2. i think it's worse with mobs than it is with nodes as nodes now respawn super fast.

3. maybe get a rank 3 speeder? you barely get knocked off those.

4. i've pretty much soloed all my class content on my solo toons. >_> some boss fights were harder than others, but it's definitely soloable.

5. agree with you there. love the legacy system. once you hit level 50, getting credits won't be a problem.

6. only buy the skills you need. ie, if you are a healer, only have enough money for one skill upgrade, and have to make a choice between a heal and an attack skill, buy the heal upgrade. you'll make plenty of money at level 50 to buy up all the skill upgrades you passed on later.

7. artifice makes some nice crystals and enhancements. armormech, armstech, and synthweaving can craft augments and augment kits to further enhance your gear. and being able to craft some Rakata pieces for yourself is nice if you or your companions need the gear.
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