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I found one for Andronikos. It's easy to understand how you could miss it, as it's at the end of a very long road you'd likely be on your speeder for.

On Ilum, Eastern Ice Shelf area (It's a part that sticks out on the map, have no idea how to find coordinates)
Andronikos: "Nothing like taking shots at the Republic to get the blood going. Good thing I spent all that time training my eyes for low-light combat."

Edit: Just realized I was a little imprecise, and so went back. It's on the path to the "A New Order" mission instance, but not in it, where it just over the border to "The Road to Glory" area. And Talos has a comment, too!

Talos: "Fascinating construction, building a base like this so quickly after arriving on Ilum. It won't last, of course. That's the tragedy. In ancient times, building was slow, but those buildings lasted."
Best way to end Smuggler Act 1 is

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