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Yea I have a cyber with every blue mod/armoring up to level 40 made. Dont know if I wanna mess with purples they dont seem to be enough of a stat increase over the blues to warrant buying 10-14k worth of UWT metals. Also learned about 30 different purple ear schematics up to level 38 and those have been flying off the AH. The blue enhancements also start at 12k for the level 19 ones so should be able to sell a lot of those since with everyone wearing mod gear they will need 6 of those counting weapon. Just gonna learn endurance/crit since no one will probably mess with the tank ones at low level.
It depends though, especially in the case of mods... Mods/Enh seem to "skip" a level, so crafing purple quality has some weight.


There is a Reflex 8 Mod and a Reflex 10 mod, but no Reflex 9 mod is craftable... So that is 4 levels you have to "wait" before you can use the next series of mods, which can mean alot depending on what you are doing... at low levels its moot, but after level 25ish, it matters....

Instead craft purple quality Reflex 8. It is only slightly lower than blue Reflex 10, but usable @ a much lower level and will be good all the way to when Reflex 10 is able to be equipped... if you keep following that program while leveling, you get a ton of good patterns for endgame.

I sell my purple augments for lvl 34 and I can't make them fast enough.... clearing about 3x the cost... so Artifice enhancements should be able to fetch a similar gain... I have not looked for them on the GTN, but will take a peek 2nite...

As a Cyber, you need a UT alt to craft the arm/mods, but Artifice/TH/Arch provides all the mats you need for enhancements/hilts... /shrugs...
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