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IMO F2P is a waste if you want the full game experience. It's still very limited in terms of what all you can do. I was away from the game for 7 months and came back recently. Renewed my sub for 60-days just to try it out again since they turned off City of Heroes and I really didn't have any other MMO to play.

Servers are more populated, that is for sure and it's been easier to find a group or get help with quests and heroics and things. However I still see most of the same crap from before when I quit 7 months ago and the game doesn't seem like it's changed that much. If anything some of the more ridiculous prices on the GTN have gone down given saturation of Cartel items being posted.

I had leveled a Jedi Shadow to 43 before quitting last time, so when I came back I decided to re-roll a few different toons and play them to see what had changed. Honestly didn't notice much different on Tython between my new Sage, Sentinel, and Guardian. Same goes for Coruscant. Game seems to play the same, roles are still the same, etc. The legacy system is super nice since you can get Speeder training at lvl. 10 now if you pay out the arse with credits, and it has a lot of other solid perks with it. Overall though I can't say I see much different than 7 months ago when I left. Just a few things I've noticed:

1.) Maybe just my server, but people still ninja loot and chests/glowies in world all the time. I get so tired of beating down a trash mob and an Elite only to have some jack wagon come in and take the chest I was trying to get or grab the resource node or quest clickie I needed.
2.) Respawn timers for open world quests/glowies are still ridiculously long. The Gree mission in the waterworks in Coruscant is the perfect example. The bonus mission is to kill 8 droids I think, but it will take you forever if it's populated because the enemies take forever to respawn and if you have 2-3 people trying to do the quest you sit there awhile waiting. This happens in a lot of areas and is still an issue to me.
3.) Travel is still awful on the bigger planets and it seems like it's even easier now to get knocked off my speeder.
4.) Still seems like they want to force you into needing help/grouping for some class missions by putting very hard boss encounters in them.
5.) The Legacy system is awesome if you have the credits. Probably my favorite thing is being able to get mailbox and GTN terminal on my ship so I don't have to run back to fleet if I'm on a planet with no GTN and need to get some gear after getting a couple of levels.
6.) Late level skills are still way too expensive. I'm not sure how everyone else makes a ton of credits, but I've been trying to level my old 43 and I can't afford to keep her skills current when they are 20k+ a pop.
7.) Crafting other than Bio and Cybertech still seems to be a horribly broken mess and a waste of time.

I'm still enjoying it somewhat, not sure how long it will keep my attention this time, but I'm trying to level new classes just to get the full experience. I think before my problem was I stuck mainly to Jedi/Sith and missed out on some of the game. I rolled a Trooper republic side and she is now my favorite toon I have overall. Still can't get into smuggler for some reason, but I plan on trying an Agent or BH on Empire side next.