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PT DPS is always going to be a few hundred higher than Merc DPS in PvE. PT sims have it capping at 2185 in Full BiS gear, whereas mercs caps in the mid 1900's. My mara is capping out at mid 2200's now, so personally anything that can keep up with me in a raid is pretty impressive (this week in NiM EC Firebrand/Stormcaller, I was sitting at 2036 dps and 250k damage higher than any other DPS in raid). PT's can keep up pretty closely, merc's can't.
that's EXACTLY what i am seeing, based on my testing on dummies as well as parsing since i've done a few HM OPs.

again, most of the testing done has been in ideal situations (OPs dummy), where moving, interrupts, etc. are variables in DPS.

just swapped out 2 more mods (all 61's minus belt, 63barrel/63OH armor) and i'm up another 100 DPS. (i was using WH Rifle, now all PvE mods in rifle)

My point is, i've yet to be in a fight where i could stand still and free cast without having to move or get interrupted, which is NEVER an issue on VG. thus, further increasing DPS in OP/FP's.

Merc needs fixed, NOW.

here's a parse: 8/8/25 VG/AS (no SS, 9.5m range)

and one w/ SS 3.85m range (8/8/25):

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