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PT can put up numbers in PVE, but their utility is terrible. No threat drop whatsoever, no CC, no knockback, the only useful things they have is a pull (which generates threat, which is bad), and a taunt, which has situational utility at best. I'd rather have a marauder, juggernaut, assassin, or operative for a melee DPS. The short cooldown for interrupt is about the only redeeming feature of the PT, and you have to spec into it.
that's what guard and taunts are for. everything has a trade-off.

i can stay at 10m, while melee cannot, and still put out 1700+ DPS, while moving, which Merc cannot.

while i will say i would rather have Merc utility, mezz, heal, cleanse, agro dump (vs. taunts, grapple, aoe stun), i play a DPS class.

and, the way i play it (which i am not saying is best, just best results for me not having a solid OP/FP group), usually on average of 200-300 DPS per fight increase on my VG/AS vs. my Merc/PT (in exactly the same gear).

i PvE like i PvP, rarely sitting still, staying at ideal ranges (10m limit) and avoiding as much damage as possible, DOING as much damage as possible. and i find it much more intuitive on a Vanguard or Powertech.

*EDIT* i've found the instant proc CGC to be roughly 50DPS increase versus rapid shot procs, especially in situations where you must switch targets regularly.
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