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Thank you for the answers. I'm a subscriber and I've also got treasure hunting and investigation. I will unlearn investigation and will learn archeology. Virtual money is the issue. It's easily spend but also easily learned.
Just to add, as a Sent, you might want to invest in a couple of orange lightsabers. Looks like this is your first toon, so this type of investment is good for you because:

1. Orange quality weapons are available @ level 20 and are pretty cheap.
2. Orange is 100% customizable.
3. Orange is used almost exclusively at endgame.

Since you are Artifice, you will have access to craft 3(crys/hilt/enh) out of the four parts you need to keep both lightsabers up to date according to what level your toon is at. The only thing missing is one mod for each of the swords (in light box before sword saint ). So then you could either buy the mods off the GTN or get them from specialty vendors/drops in open world.. If you are on the Shadowlands, I'll craft them for you for free...
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