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Title says it all really. I almost always go with the Biochem route simply for Medpacs and Stims, since I find they make leveling easier and that they're good for end-game. However, on my newly made Commando (Speccing into Combat Medic, if that makes any difference at all) I've decided to take a different route. I think Armormech or Cybertech would be my best bet, looking towards endgame crafting in particular. What exactly can Armormech craft at endgame that's useful other than Augments?

I'm aware of Cybertech at endgame because my Merc has 400 Cyber.

If I'm wrong and shouldn't go with either, please tell me

Thanks in advance!
Well hear me out... Maybe Artifice?.... I know... its crazy, but look, you already got a Cyber 400, and I am assuming a Bio 400. So you got implants/medpacks/stims, and ear/armoring/mods covered. With a bit of leg work on those other toons and some legacy gear, you could craft all your leveling gear without depending on drops or the GTN. The only thing you would be "short" on is barrel, but a small sacrifice since you have access to everything else but that...

At endgame, enhancements and hilts fetch a pretty penny, as well as quality OHs/enh/hits from level 30-45, since those levels are where you need quality pieces to move through content easier... I make alot of money selling augments for level 35-41. I am sure OHs would sell similarly....

Also if you have a ship repair droid, buy the artifice/TH bonus sensor, so you can send the ship droid out for TH mats and crafting.
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