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My artifice is 60 for now, but i still dont have any other options than basic color cristals and LS hults 2. How should I get new cristals and hilts?
Go back to the Artifice vendor on fleet or Nar Shadaa, et. al. The higher you level your Artifice, the more patterns become available. you can also buy patterns off the GTN, or RE drops...

If you are still leveling your toon, you should try to solo as much as possible and use your companions to keep your Artifice crafts higher than your actual player level. That way, you can get new ENH/HILTS/OH when your toon reaches certain levels.

i.e. I am lvl 19, but my artifice is already @ 300 so I am crafting/REing for purple grade crystals/hilt/enh/oh for when I reach level 23. Once I hit lvl 23, swap all those pieces, I rinse/repeat for level 27, etc, etc.

That way you have provided your toon ample gear to level with and got patterns for a multitude of levels for endgame crafting, some of which actually sell at higher profit margins than the endgame stuff...
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