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And by the way even at end level artifice is messed. While professions that do augments is enritching cos every single piece of item you'll get you'll want to have augment. Artifice? Craps. Crafting is a BW fail
Prices on the shadowlands for augments is lower than material costs and has been for some time (not logical I know but that is where it is). I make money on my Cyber, and Artifice making low level blue items (crystal, Hilts, mods, armor, enhancements, etc) The end game stuff Lv27 I make for mats, and keep the crits to sell for the material cost (as there are so many people crafting them now they will never sell higher). As for crafting being a BW fail, you are being nice. Lets talk about what the cartel market has done, to speeder sales (not like they were ever good, ship equipment (even the low level stuff is not selling now). Sythweaveing, Armor, Arms are pointless no one wants the gear or the weapons.