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And for a group that George Lucas has stated isn't a celebate order, I wonder how they get DS points for going with a relationship.
The Jedi go through peaks and valleys of allowing relationships and not. Conversations between the (male) JK and Kira elaborate on this. At times when the Jedi numbers are low, the leaders ease up on the reins and allow relationships and marriage to increase their numbers. But during the time of SWTOR, the Jedi are numerous and therefore the Jedi Code is more strictly adhered to. Further, even in the strict adherence times, relationships are not forbidden but they are discouraged and when they do happen the participants have the Jedi Council watching their every step.

Getting back on topic, to me the Star Wars Empire is no different than any other fictional organization bent on world/galactic domination. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the participants are caricatures of reality. The problem is that we as players get to play the "hero of the villains," as it were. And so when we are surrounded by paranoids, bi-polars, sociopaths, and psychopaths it is difficult to take them seriously.