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So I am curious as to the usefulness of Artifice. I see at a quick glance there are 3 slots it fills to Synthweavings 2 at 50. As well I know Synthweaving makes Augments but again they are BoE and able to be sent from an Alt easily enough. The Rakatta pieces are nice but only fill 2 slots vs the 3 from Artifice as well Enhancements which fits in all gear. Artifice: Relics,Shield Gen for a Tank.

So over all is Artifice really truely worth it or are these items easily replaced by a daily venor?

As well does artifice get anything further from Operations such as Recipes, Or are we limited to what we can make to the trainer.
Another question is does Artifice ever get to make any Moddable Shield Generators during leveling or are they drop only?

Just a few curious questions wanting opinions on the facts I have presented and the questions I have asked.
Artifice is great for hilts and enhancements. Offhands are somewhat useless because, as far as I can tell, there is no moddable ones that you can craft without farming for drops. I am not even sure those yield patterns on REs. I.E. I tried to RE some dropped lvl 51 impants on my BioChem toon and "no research available" flashed across.

You can get recipes from Ops, and also enhancement/hilt drops that you can RE for patterns. Mostly hilts are in high demand because there is really no way to buy a hilt without getting a token drop off of SM/HM OPS bosses, which is subjected to RNG, as Black Hole Enhancements are easily attainable/REable by comparison.

You also can get hilt patterns by REing CAMP hilts, but again those are limited to RNG token drops...
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