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Yes, it's called a "business scheme" until the law says it's a scam.

Usury was once legal, so were the pyramid schemes and false advertisement.
And there is a whole flurry of financial "tools" Wall Street and the banks use today that skirt legality by a hair.

This has nothing to do with communism.

A friend of mine was burned by false advertising, got ripped off on an advertised product that was inferior and broken. Another was taken in by a $500 rebate that never arrived. Yet another was burned in by the "LA Fitness" marketing machine and they refused to cancel her service -- she actually had to report her card stolen and change the bank account just to stop them from charging her account every month.

All of this is dishonest crap.

Are you trying to compare this sort of stuff to free shipping from Amazon? Are you high?

To quote Samuel Jackson: "Ain't the same f****n' ballpark, it ain't the same league, it ain't even the same f****n' sport."

P.S. @Aiden -- I totally get what you're saying there by the way. No argument here.