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I don't see any data in your post? Did I miss it?

Also I'm not sure I understand why it matters so much that the mats you get aren't in a perfect 2:1:1 ratio. Very little in-game or IRL is ideal.
I did say early on that since these forums don't support tables, there was no simple way for me to post the data in a way that was understandable.

And part of the point I am making is that the 2:1:1 ratio is a bias-by-design against the three crafting classes that need Underworld Metals. It's not that I want there to be a 2:1:1 ratio, I am saying that anything close to that ratio is BioWare designing a system that forces failure on players. I am also suggesting that for players who need underworld metal missions, a 2:1:1 ratio, bad as that is, would be an improvement over how things are right now.

Your skill level does nothing to improve the chances of getting what you need. If I were to move to a new area in which to live, I'd be able to figure out fairly quickly where to buy what I needed. If I went into a business manufacturing things I would have to learn pretty damn fast where to get not only the materials I need, but good materials at a reasonable price. That's how things work IRL. IRL, we don't accept a 75% chance of failing to find a grocery store when we run out of food and are hungry. Companies don't accept a 75% failure to find the materials they need to make what they make, and decide to settle on meager returns because someone has apparently stacked the deck against them.

So don't compare how the Crew Skills system works with how things work IRL. If real life worked the way the SWTOR Crew Skills system worked, we'd all be out of jobs and starving. BioWare has, in every way, stacked the deck so that we fail 75% to 90% of the time when anything with Crew Skills is involved.

Would you accept a 75% failure rate in combat?

Both combat and Crew Skills are based on RNG in this game (and in most games). It does not matter what class you are, what advanced class you are, what equipment you have, or what skill tree you picked out of what is available to you: every time you attack an enemy or try to heal an ally, it all begins with a randomly generated number.

So, again, would you accept a 75% failure rate in combat, particularly if you are a level 50 character with the best end-game gear you could get? BioWare gives you no choice when it comes to Crew Skills: a success rate of about 25% is the best you will ever manage, regardless of your "skill" level, regardless of your companion's affection level, regardless of the Grade of the mission or the Rating of the item you may want to craft and RE.

With the current system, what we have is this: you send a companion out to get a new weapon, but he returns with flowers and greeting cards because florists and Hallmark stores are all he could find.

Maybe BioWare could do us all a favor and include in the next Cartel Pack a gun that, when you activate an ability to use it, has a flag pop out of the barrel with the word "BANG!" on it. That would put combat on par with the crafting system we have. Then again, maybe BioWare should do the opposite and put crafting on par with the combat system we have.
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