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01.02.2013 , 07:27 AM | #6
Coruscant was always illogical. well, Tatooine buildings looks highly practical. Belsavis' mixture of republic buildings and creepy rakata stuff seems also legit. Voss are strange people, so no comment. Alderaan is planet of nobles, so you can expected some hedonistic styles. No problem with Balmorra buildings. Quesh and Hutta stuff was built by Hutts, so its similar like with Alderaan.

Only problem i have with Dromund Kaas. After hundreds of years, why there is still no decent road from spaceport to capital city? They built hi-tech ubercool city above jungles, and Siths must walk on mud and grass? ***?
I would appreciated design there more if 50% of map was full of city and metallic roads, and 50% was only jungle, temple etc.