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What would be a good "Empire" kind of race?

What would be a good Empire counterpart?
Zeltrons. Most definitely: "All Zeltrons are obsessed with romance. When they cannot love, they fight. Both are sports to them. Coupled with their love of gambling, it makes one Zeltron in the grip of enthusiasm a formidable enemy. A pack of adolescents is virtually a force of nature." - Lumiya

"Zeltron culture was highly influenced by sexuality and the pursuit of pleasure in general."

"Zeltrons were often stereotyped as lazy thrill-seekers, owing to their hedonistic pursuits. Indeed, their homeworld of Zeltros thrived as a luxury world and "party planet," as much for their own good as for others. If anyone wasn't having a good time on Zeltros, the Zeltrons would certainly know of it, and would do their best to correct it. Though their first inclination was to love; if pushed to do so, Zeltrons could prove to be formidable warriors."

What can be better material for Imperial Agent or Sith? Even Zeltron Bounty Hunter makes sense.