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It's unfortunate you didn't enjoy the SW story, I enjoyed it very much. If you do ever happen to play through it again, I would suggest not immediately hitting the dark side option whenever it pops up. If you choose some of the neutral or light side options, they often lead in to much more intriguing options, such as "convince them to join your side", "convert the Jedi to the dark side", "imprison and torture them", "choke the person they love, making them desperate to do what you say", "make snarky comment to Darth Baras to make him angrier", "lie to your master so he doesn't know about your plotting against him" etc. and more often than not the neutral or LS options are more tactically sound, better for the Empire and are a lot more like a manipulative Sith. Some of the neutral options even give you opportunity for even more DS points.

If you don't immediately hit the "ROAR KILL NOW" options there are tons of lines that sound very similar to what Darth Vader or Darth Sidious would have said in the movies, etc. Overall, the SW felt the most "Star Wars"-y to me out of all the storylines, and by not killing everyone you can get your own little army of fallen Jedi you converted and a bunch of Sith Lords who obey all your commands.

(I enjoyed the SW story very much as a neutral-ish SW and am planning to do 2 more runthroughs of the SW story after I have finished all 8 class stories just to explore all the branches. I loved it that much. It's also the only story other than IA where your choices actually matter)
Thanks for the tips! I have a SW made just haven't yet played it been hooked on a Sith Inquisitor right now but am in much need of a break as I am tired of being Lord Zashs lil lap dog. You really make we wanna try a Sith War now so thanks for that . As for other classes.. I enjoyed the Smuggler story tho haven't completed to max yet and IA just makes me want more tho I am leveling that toon with a friend so I haven't gotten far with that unfortunately.