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DPS is pretty broad here.

PVP DPS, or PVE DPS? Do you prefer WoW Rouge style play or would you rather be a DOT based Ranged Melee Hybrid? Also just one thing you should have noticed, the points spent higher in the skill tree offer much better benefit than the skills lower in the skill tree. You should probably pick one tree and put your points into that one tree, unless you want to be a true hybrid and spend in 2 tress equally. Some people think that these are the best for some situations, personally I just prefer getting deep into a tree and once I am done there picking where to place my last 10-11 points.
I would rather be a WoW Rouge, also, yeah I noticed you should put it in only one of the three lines, but I saw a guide and they said I should do 5 in the first 3 in the last and all others into the middle one, I don't really know though, any tips will be extremely appreciated