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The proverb, "a watched pot never boils," applies here.

For a long time I ran missions just to run them. I figured I had the credits just sitting doing nothing so I started stockpiling materials. I only did the abundant quality missions from grade 6 and only bountiful or rich missions from all other grades. And for a LONG time it seemed like every other day I was getting crits on EVERYTHING - including Advanced Neural Augmentors and Mandalorian Iron i.e. I would run missions over night and when I logged back in two of the three grade 6 slicing missions would generate ANAs (and schematics).

But then I fell short of Polyplast (the secondary grade 5 scavenged compound) and all of a sudden I was not getting nearly enough. My Cybertech skill floundered for a while because all the schematics required Polyplast and I was unwilling to pay for it on the GTM.

The point is the system is working as intended. However, you believe it is not because something you really want to have happen is not happening.