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Amazon prime is a good service. I did the calculations what it would cost me to have to pay individually for two day shipping for books for the three quarters. It was a lot cheaper to buy amazon prime than to pay for individual shipping. Plus, I also order many other items. Likewise, I don't pay taxes on computer hardware, at least when I bought hardware a few months ago. Amazon prime saved me a lot of money. However, I wouldn't call what BW is doing a scam. All corporation do what BW is doing. It's like buying in bulk vs singles or give away samples after a customer buys a product.
I'm sure. Amazon prime just gives you a nice nudve into shopping with them. You already paid for prime, might as well cash in right? The scam there helps tip the tides for you to speed your money with amazon instead of somewhere else. You already paid, might as well. Their was a huge article about Amazon prime in internet retailer and how much money it was making them.

Look, I'm not saying you can't make credits off of sythweaving. Alot of people do. I was just commenting on why I think Bioware added the free Tionese gear. Nothing more. I beleive it was a digital marketing scam. Are people still making some credits off of synthweaving? Sure. Just like Artifice still manages to sell some color crystals. Level 1-49 purples most people don't care about or go out of thier way to get. You level past them, what's the poi nt? If you get them, great, if not, o well, the next tier of blues are just as good as the previous tier of purples.

Maybe color crystals are an exception to this, since more crystal tiers are like what, 7-9 level gap?
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