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01.01.2013 , 12:16 PM | #4724
And apparently my newly updated sig isn't showing yet. I'll admit that I just copied someone else's sig, but it's the first time where I couldn't come up with my own waying of saying it and it said something I wanted to say.

*edit: I just tried doing a quick edit to my sig to make it colored and now it says it is too long. I can have only four lines (which is all it is in the sig editor), so I can't even save it with a color because it thinks the sig is too long when it'd fit just fine.

**edit: Well, I dropped the empty line between the two parts (which let me add a color) and I was even able to make both parts different colors. I'd have to say that although I'm not perfectly happy with the results (I'd rather have the empty line back, though I think I'd keep the two colors) they are at least tolerable for my own variant on the sig.
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