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First, just let me say that I wasn't aware that Bioware had two seperate development teams, so I'll clarify my comment to disregard everything Bioware if SGR isn't in the Expansion Patch: I'll never touch anything by Bioware-Austin again and scrutinize anything by Bioware-Edmonton before purchase because of their association with Bioware-Austin. Of course, how many US based developers have ever seemed to consider including LGBT's in their works? I'll admit that it can be a bit challenging to find even in games by Japanese developers (and since I'm big on RPG's, namely JRPG's since there are enough US companies for the distinction now, I don't know much about European developers), but when they are included they tend to be either good guys or background chars rather than villains. Even if most of the dating sims no longer have the homosexual branch path, just specific chars or harem, you have to get ones that are specifically homosexual to see anything like that. I don't personally mind since I'm not interested in seeing detailed yaoi content (I don't mind it being referenced and implied), but when RPing there are times when I'm going to RP a char that isn't straight, it just comes naturally to me to create ones like that at times. Although, I've had ideas for a few games and all of the ones with romance there are more than just OGR and SGR romance paths, there are also some possibilities for Triads or more (and frequently with open char possibilities for them as well), but you have to manage more than just the main chars relationship with the others, which sorta makes me think of Sakura Wars V (Sakura Wars: So Long My Love for those who don't know that it's the fifth Sakura Wars game) and I started coming up with them years before I heard of it to pre-order it.

Wow, that was a bit of a wandering rant, and I can't even make multiple paragraphs out of it without splitting up connected ideas. The people in Freefall (webcomic link: Freefall, sorry, I can't remember the planet's name right off hand) should probably be glad that their quirky robots don't have the degree of 'idea association' that I have.

As for the OGR for a male Inquisitor (if I read the shorthand right)..........I didn't hit a single flirt response on Drumand Kaas with mine, and I just recently got my ship. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that his legacy is all going Light Side. I'm not sure if that alters anything, but after he hit Light I there hasn't been anything even close to a flirt response available that I've been able to spot (not that he would've been inclined to flirt with any of the female quest givers on Drumand Kaas, as there was a decided lack of non-stuck-up-Sith female quest givers) so either there is a story difference between playing Light Side or Dark Side (which you've run afoul of) or else I missed a quest giver on Drumand Kaas, and since I didn't do all of the 'group advised' quests (I hate trying to hunt down others to join my group, and when I'm working them in the wee hours when there's hardly anyone online I just don't have the patience for it.) you might be able to talk me into going back there and giving you some 'deep fried goodness' (I love that casting quote from Grandia II, which just put me in the mood to possibly play it again some, good thing I have a backwards compatible PS3) support to complete them. My primary char (and the only one I'm playing until I finish the Chapter 2 class quests) is also named Razmoudah, if you find me online.

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Also, I would totally jump at the chance to write for video games or something even if I would probably be crap at it, but I promise I'd never be as exclusive or as terrible as the majority of the current writers in the industry.
I'm not sure where you're from, but you're excluding Gust, Compile Heart, Idea Factory, and Nippon Ichi Software. If you're in the US all of their titles have been published by NISA (Nippon Ichi Software America), and at present I'm hard pressed to come up with writers or authors anywhere that are better than the ones they have. And yes, there has been the occasional reference to bi- or homosexual characters (Are the homosexual's really as 'happy' as the slang for them implies? They seem to get treated like **** an awful lot and I've heard rumors that they have the same relationship problems as heterosexuals.), as heroes, allies of heroes, significant background chars, and villains. I'm hard pressed to find a better balanced overall representation anywhere.