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We seem to live in a world built for giants. Practically every doorway, corridor and room is at least five meters high. This even applies to starships, which is the one thing where you'd think space would be conserved as much as possible. Various fixtures are installed really high, often above head level. Control panels and screens seem really unergonomic and uncomfortable to use due to the extreme height.

Another point of interest is the almost complete lack of external windows. When you do manage to find any, they are also installed at a height that suggest design for beings that stand at least three meters tall. I have to wonder how the pilot of the XS Freighter manages to fly the ship with any kind of agility, much less the complex patterns seen in space missions! The Theoretika's windows are also a very good example. From a distance they seem pretty normal, but when you walk to the window, you'll see that the windowsill is above your head, and you can't really see out of the window at all.

All this makes it seem like most of the world has been scaled up by a factor of about two, in some cases possibly even more. I wonder if there's a lore-based explanation for this, or if it's just to make the game easier to play?