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to the reply on adaptive armor frrom cartel market dont buy it it lowers all your stats and the reason i am saying this is i bought a set it was like being lvl 1 when i am 30lvl trooper commando dont get me wrong thay look great but for battle and questing no use at all unless you like dying
Another person who has no idea how custom armors work... BW really needs to add in a better tutorial. For any custom armor, adaptive included, to be worth a damn, you *have* to keep appropriate level armorings, mods and enhancements in them. If you bought a fresh piece of adaptive armor off the GTN, vendors or the CM, they come with 0 mods of any type -- equipping it will do exactly as you say, acting like level 1 starting armor. Before equipping, purchase (either off the GTN or from commendation vendors) or craft the necessary mods to put into the armor and you will be set.

Also, with any custom gear, replace these mods as you level -- "adaptive" refers to it adapting to the armor type you wear, allowing 1 piece of armor to act as either light, medium or heavy armor, based upon who is wearing it. It does *not* mean it is armor that levels with you as you level, as some people are seeming to think.