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The Mining Guild runs mining operations on thousands of worlds.

The InterGalactic Banking Clan is a financial organisation, it's capital is Muunilist and is headed by a Chairman , below him are the Vice-Chairmen of Galactic Accounts and Vice-Chair of Communications. They have a Collections and Security Division which are there armed forces and consist of both battle droids and Muun forces, it is commanded by a Muun guard colonel and consists of 5 Brigades plus support personnel, a Brigade is commanded by a Muun guard captain and consists of 5 Troops and support personnel, a Troop is commanded by a Muun guard lieutenant and consists of 5 Squads, a Squad is commanded by a Muun guard sergeant and consist of 9 soldiers (either Muun guard or droids).There mission is collection of debt and protection of IGBC facility's and personnel. The Intergalactic Currency Exchange System manages currency distributed by the IGBC and allows them to register new currency's. The Bank of Aargau is a subsidiary head-quartered at Aargau with a large branch in the Financial District on Coruscant, the Bank of Aaargau Security Ltd. manages every aspect of planetary defence on Aargau and has as subsidiary's: BAS Research & Development, which develops various scanning and security technologies for the Bank of Aargau, and BAS Custums. Other subsidiary's of IGBC are: InterGalactic Bank, Dressian Kiolsh Merchant Bank which is located in Jygat on Mygeeto, the InterGalactic Bank of Kuat is located on Kuat has links to Aargau, Bank Niro Eleven is located on the moon Niro Eleven and has the reputation to have accounts for the fabulously rich and a great deal of privacy for those accounts

Czerka Arms, Formally known as Czerka Corporation and founded as Czerka Mining and Industrial is a droid and weapons manufacturer headquarterd in Dreshdae on Korriban, it controls interests on many planets. Secret Weapons Division 7 is a branch on Tatooine. Survey and Development is the scouting branch of the corporation responsible for charting new worlds and later selling colonisation rights for planets they don't want. CZ-198 is located on a moon in the Unknown Regions which is one of the most advanced product development facility's