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If you have read the book "Revan" by Kotor 1 and most of TOR stories writter, its said there inquisitors are Sith after dark, powerful but often costly and dangerous force ritual. In this, Inq story fits perfectly the archetype, you are after rituals till corellia.

I'll also say Warrior vs inq :

Playstyle mara=sorc. Tanksin butchers PvE content for breakfeast, but its slightly less fun to play imo.

Story : warrior >> inq

Chapter 1 warrior >>>>> inq (safe nar shaddaa, where inq is cooler, but tatooine was some of the best bit of story I've seen so far (this is all imps class till end of chapter 2, warrior and inq to end)
Chapter 2 Inq > warrior. Ghost hunting's kinda fun.
Chapter 3 warrior >>>>>>> inq. Especially Voss. No more details.

However :

Finale : inq >>>> warrior sadly. What is even more disappointing, is the huge expectations after such a story are kinda blown for warrior, and inq is everything you could hope for, with lower expectation from the story. More challenging fight too.

Finally : interactions - inq >>> warriors. Lines are better, voice actors are better imo.