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12.31.2012 , 11:59 PM | #4710
Heya, folks. Welcome to 2013.

I've been thinking and I've decided to encourage people to start this year off with simple positive action. I've just visited the Support Form to drop off a note regarding this matter and I heartily suggest everyone else do the same.

I suggest a nice, polite but precise note to make it clear what you want from this. Let's not start 2013 off angry.

Here's the message I sent. Feel free to adjust it as you see fit.

Hello, and Happy New Year!

I'm writing on the matter of the continued silence regarding Same Gender Relationship Arcs (SGRAs) and Same Gender [Flirt] Prompts (SGFPs) for non-companion NPCs. As you're no doubt aware this has been a matter of considerable concern for many aspects of the player base including the LGBTI community, it's allies and its detractors.

Every one of those players is eagerly awaiting an update (for good or ill) regarding this matter. The final official statement we've had on this matter was the Guild Summit back in March 2012, at which point we were informed the feature would be coming 'this year'. As that was LAST year I feel it fair to ask for an update, and will be respectfully asking other people who support this feature to do the same.

For the record I am in favour of SGRAs and have been waiting (and subscribing) since launch for this feature.

Many events have happened within Bioware: Austin, including staffing changes and the launch of Free to Play, which may have caused a delay in the development of SGRAs and SGFPs. As a community, however, we have heard nothing official either way (I am not including the comments made by your PvP lead as this is not his area, rendering his musings on the matter pure deniable speculation). The Community Team has told us there is 'no news' on the matter but as you can no doubt understand we have no idea if that means the feature is still on schedule (unlikely at best, considering it is now 2013), has been delayed or has been cancelled completely.

While we understand the development team doesn't wish to release spoilers we are primarily after information regarding the status of this feature - information which has, until now, been impossible to get.

Please, start 2013 off right with an update on this feature. We have been waiting a long time for it.

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