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Based on how well you can play your Sentinel, and what you and your comapnions stats are- you may be able to solo this flashpoint. Emphasis on may. It's been my experience that advertising for this Flashpoint in fleet may not be as good as advertising for it in Coruscant. In fleet, the vast majority of players are doing this flashpoint primarily for social and alignment points- it's one of the better ways to increase both. In Coruscant, you'll have more chances to match up with a player who still needs to do the story, and will be less adverse to watching the dialogue play out.

But, if you start out from fleet, and this may be different by server- but usually there is a group of people congregated outside the start point looking for groups. A lot of times there are very high levels waiting to do this, and they may be ok with not space-barring- but they'll have their advanced capabilities and hp's jumping in and slaughtering everything before you even get a chance to run in and give a few whacks. Gets to be pretty boring when that happens.

Also, the Black Talon flashpoint will be exactly the same, and for pretty much the same reasons when/if you ever roll an Imperial character.