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I haven't (and probably won't) pre-order Makeb, since I just started an Agent who probably won't get to fifty until after it comes out, and I figure I'll just play her until I see what all the planet has to offer. I'll probably get it eventually, since I like soloing but want to see the endgame flashpoint stories and--

Wait that wasn't on-topic at all, let's try that again.

I've got one foot in the same boat as many of the posters here. I have several characters I've made (over the course of many years, and rather painstakingly, because I have a lot of trouble coming up with new characters), and I am rapidly running out of ones who fit into classes I want to play and are straight. Heck, the Agent I just started is a character I made specifically so I could play the class before SGRs get added! Once she's done, if cathar isn't out so I can see whether my asexual agent would be one, I won't have any characters left to play. If SGRs aren't out with Makeb, that might give me another small chunk of playtime with the few characters I have so far (assuming they also give us more character slots by then), but if it's not out by then...

Gosh, there is a whole awful lot determining how much I'll be playing the coming months, and nearly all of it comes back to whether we have SGRs. I don't think I realized just how much the lack of it will stop me after I'm done with my Agent until writing this just now. I mean, I have a few pansexual characters, but without knowing which companions will be available for SGRs, I can't play them, either...what if they give me an SGR that character would prefer over their OGR? What if they add flirting with questgivers, too? If I play a character that would flirt with anything that has something resembling two legs (and anything that doesn't), I run a high risk of missing out on potentially rather amusing flirts. I play this game like a single-player RPG--I don't PvP, I almost never touch space missions, I don't raid, I tried doing dailies to save up some credits but quickly lost interest--without as much variation as absolutely possible in class and planet stories, playing alts (as I so dearly enjoy) grows rapidly stale. SGRs will allow me both variation in some story elements, and allow for more alts to be played (and more character slots to be bought, I will shell out a ridiculous amount for character slots above almost anything else).
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