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And that was such a grand dream, back in the summer, to increase communication to the community. A grand dream that lasted all of two weeks, before the crushing weight of apathy grasped a hold of reality and they drowned together.

As the Community Team are going to back to work on the 7th at the earliest, what does everyone expect them to be commenting on? I suspect they are going to pop into the numerous Hutt Cartel threads and tell people that "magical" things are coming, hold the hands of the people wanting hood toggles, continue to ignore those on the APAC servers and give us a patronising "Happy New Year" message.

You know what I really wonder, though? Not even the NPCs can be gay. Nowhere in all the galaxy have I ever seen an indication from background NPCs that they might prefer a lap dance from someone who isn't a woman - or that they be wanting to be chatted up by the lady in the Mandalorian armour, rather than the sleazy wanna-be smuggler who just dragged himself out of the latrine. That takes an outstanding amount of effort and forethought, I say.

If nothing else, when Bioware said "gays don't exist in Star Wars" they meant it.
I was going to write quite frank, but since that will have a david copperfield within no time, I'm swallowing my tongue and pride.
But Tatile, I agree with you. The "no gays in star wars" line was so hurtful, especially because it was very clearly meant and he was chuckling too. Since, they've done some good marketing speak, but not actually done anything whatsoever. I don't believe that SGRs have been worked on at all. Nothing in the story that I've seen so far points me to believe that (SI on Alderaan atm, though haven't played in a couple of weeks now). Perhaps they did think that some characters would not be OGR interested, but the story is pretty damn biased towards males interested in OGR. It's quite bothersome that my male SI gets flirts with at least one female quest giver on every planet (the SI was romance light I read on several wikis). Why put it in my face all the time, why BW:A. Why?!

I don't expect the community team to say anything useful here, if they'll say anything at all it's most likely the c/p response we get in PMs. "We have no new information at this time."

My sub runs out this week. I'll see if as a prefered player I can post every now and then. Otherwise you won't hear from me. Do feel free to PM me now if you like to stay in touch elsewhere. I'm taking the fight away from BW:A and to the entire industry. I could use some help from local advocacy groups all over Europe, to cosign. It'll take a couple of months to write a good initiative, but it'll be worth it.

As far as RotHC goes. If it had SGR in it, we would have heard by now. There's no indication that it will be. They've been releasing bits of info on the forums, there could be another drop of a WZ or FP, but even the bloggers admit that's wishful thinking on their part and could also very well not happen. As far as story goes, we have the details of it already. Faction story, big sized planet, datacrons, there'll come some world boss (if they didn't speak of that one yet, that will be the surprise), heroics, dailies. It's not a light content patch, but imo it's still a content patch, and not an expansion. Either way, if it had new companions or more romance options (ie SGR and maybe some more female OGR) then we'd likely have heard. That is after all a major reason to pre-order this expansion.

To clean up some of what I wrote earlier. It's really put a damper on my experience of Star Wars period. Up to about a month ago I'd purchased every new EU SW literature that came out ever since EP2, the movie that really got me into reading SW books since I'd bought the novelisation when it came out. I don't even want to read Star Wars anymore at this point in time. Everything about it reminds me of what the franchise denies me; equal treatment, dignity and respect. The fact that the literature and movies weren't very inclusive was something I could deal with, up until I experienced this game and the way BW, EA, LucasArts and now Disney are treating the LGBTQ community. It's completely unacceptable, and I'm at present unable to seperate the reality of our struggle here and the SW franchise in general. Karen Traviss (the author who added the gay Mandelorians) is also no longer writing for SW, none of the other authors have picked up on it since she left a couple of years ago either, so this will most likely be the only reference to LGBTQ people in the Star Wars IP. And with Disney making EPVII to EPIX for sure now, this part of EU literature is likely to be pushed out of the canon, as rumours persist on the movies taking a different turn than EU literature. We are at present most likely being erased from the SW Galaxy. Disney has never been inclusive in any of its productions, be it movies, games or television. ABC has done the odd character (like the murderer in Desperate Housewives) that really did more harm than any good. Yes, as a division Disney Parks treats their LGBTQ employees with respect, but honestly, if they didn't they wouldn't have had anybody working for them. That's the cold reality folks. That doesn't make me biased to any of these companies, I'm even a shareholder of the Paris themepark. But I don't consume Disney entertainment because it excludes me actively. And I no longer enjoy Star Wars since SWTOR. I'll continue to support BW Edmonton for now, I like the DA franchise a lot. I also have the literature of DA, which is also inclusive. Yes folks, SGR in DA books as well (written by none other than saint David Gaider). But as far as SW and SWTOR go, this is the end of the line for me.
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