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My greatest worry in regards to this thread is that all this complaining [whilst completely warranted] will serve to get us handed a solution that many of us don't want , which is to be forced off Dalborra on to some 'new server' that doesn't exist at this time, which will result in thousands of people losing names that they specifically claimed at Oceanic launch to avoid that hastle/issue.
If they stay true to form, that's exactly what will happen. They will shut down all three APAC servers and dump all the toons onto a new 'mega-server'. That server may very well have the name 'Dalborra', but it won't be the original by any stretch. NA and EU server denizens are all too familiar with this occurrence. And expect names to be skewed from here to there, with all the logic of Lidsville on meth. The aforementioned NA/EU denizens are all too familiar with that, too.

A few days past, after Gav Daragon read as 'Heavy'...and where I logged in to find less than 30 people in the fleet (Heavy...really, EA? That's a Heavy server load?), I tried an experiment and made a toon on 'Standard' Dalborra. Almost immediate warzone pops, less than half an hour for Hammer Station to pop (as opposed to...oh...never on GD)...yeah, I'm annoyed that I can't play my almost-50 the way I want, but I'll cope, especially now that I can still keep my freakish hours and still find people to play with.

And if they merge the servers, I'll have two Operatives, but oh well...them's the breaks. Small price to pay for a server with a good population. Of course, having said that, I've likely jinxed everything completely.