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I have been pondering on this for a while and I have long had the idea of SiS agent (thought of plenty of times before)

However what to mirror it? I think a perfect one would be diplomat (again mentioned).

I have been working on this concept for a while as I would really like a new class so having done a little thinking I came up with this

Class - Republic SiS Agent
Advanced Classes
- Scout
- Arbider (support type class with group defensive abilities, for example group shields and group buffs, not a tank)
- Outrider (Longer range moving range damage)
- Spy
- Slicer (engineering type, using lots of clever gadgets to stun , disorient and confuse)
- Espionage ( explosives focused plenty of aoes and clever aoe damage)
Surgeon (Close range healer focus on variety of short smaller heals)

Class - Imperial Diplomat
Advanced Classes:
- Emissary
- Collaborator
- Escorter
- Informant
- Technician
- Reconnoisseur

Both classes rely on a more clever gameplay, they rely on combinations and tricks. For example a stun where you have to get a mark on them then throw down an aoe (abit like gunslinger/sniper stun only can affect multiple people). I want it to be a tough class to play but if u play it well it is useful in its role.

Simple plan for starting planet, start both on alderaan (separate areas) amongst the diplomatic angst giving them a good beginning story plot, so infiltration and more clever missions than just kill 10 rats, as well as diplomatic talks with the opposite faction (all npcs), then at about lvl 6 send them off to Tython/Korriban, giving them more inner workings missions, for example infiltration inside the various orders to uncover plots and/or take part in plots. Then at level 8 off to Nal Hutta/Ord Mantell where the sis agent infiltrates seperatists and Nal Hutta the Diplomat has to gain support of the hutts.

I know people think this just sounds like alot of things combined (agent, smuggler, inquisitor, trooper) however I can't really explain any more here till I have written things up.

I am writing up a thread for this (will contain ideas for stats, abilities, trees, gearing and story ideas!) and will be posting it soon!
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