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12.31.2012 , 03:30 PM | #1
It came as a slight shock to me that I can't RE just any Dread Guard quality Mod, Enhancement, Etc. to get my own schematic of it. It has to be specifically from your own Dread Guard gear. I mean I guess it's a good stop to crew skills getting too flooded with all the BiS stuff, but it does suck if your Ops group isn't specifically running TFB HM or NiM EC like mine. As well as most guilds/groups that are doing those runs don't need to pug a member outside their guild or group anyways. So the moral of this little rant is that they shouldn't limit a persons crafting because of their progression. Where will this moral get me? Nowhere unless I /gquit my guild or get lucky in a pug, then win the dread guard gear, then RE it, then get lucky again and learn the schematic. (run-on sentence; go!) As well as hoping the pug group downs a boss. See, ranting. Also, whether someone says those are easy or not, I absolutely do not care. It isn't where my guild is at so have fun with that.