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Has anyone else noticed the spotty reverse engineering schematics? I have REd 20 green level 31 fortitude crystals and gotten nothing and then turned around a REd 2 31 enhancements and gotten the blue schematic. It tells you there is a 20% chance, but I think the algorithm is broken. Maybe they need to up the percentage.

1. Is there a consumable to improve crafting success/crit?
2. Does location matter?
3. Does having certain windows like GTM or the bank matter?
4. Does being in/out of an instance matter?
5. Does being on ship/planet/space station matter?

Please apply these same questions to getting purple Underwold Metals, Treasure Hunting Gemstones, etc. Their becoming a pain too.
There is nothing consumable to impove crafting at this time.
Location doesn't matter as to where you RE anything in game.
Having windows doesn't help either.
Being in or out of an instance doesn't help either.
Being on a ship or where ever doesn't help craft neither.

What will help you ask? I will tell you. Get 5 to 10 of any 1 item start RE all of them one at a time, That's how you will get a purple schematic outside of that, cross your fingers and do a lot of hopping to get lucky, cause it's not easy. btw am sorry if all of this seems like bad news, its just how things are and have been it's a rough business crafting, just wait until you get to 50 it only get's harder lol