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The easiest way to add classes would be through adding a third advanced class to each of the four "main" classes for each faction.

You could have an advanced class that specializes in melee combat or vibro/tech blades, you could have a force user that dots and debuffs enemies. you could have an buffing/support class that just makes everyone else stronger and assists DPS, tanks, and healers. The flip side as I eluded to before would be a damage dealing boss debuffer that supports through those means. Rift had classes like this with bards and clerics. In a star wars settings you could easily have an agent/bounty hunter that probes/adrenals/stims individuals that could increase their energy regeneration or damage output or make increase their healing received. Force users could do minor damage that leaches hp to the entire operation and provided benefits by doing damage or has some other greater benefit. Their damage output would be lower but they would have other benefits that would make them valuable.

By using advanced classes there would not need to be much done in the class story lines or voice acting cause it isn't an entirely new class. They could even still change the energy/resource mechanics much like sorc/sins have similar yet different resource management. There is nothing stopping them from changing your resource mechanics based on advanced class. Someone also mentioned a nearly all healing class with maybe 2 healing trees and 1 dps shared tree which could be done in the confines additional advanced classes.
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