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12.31.2012 , 01:53 PM | #3
I am glad you enjoyed your class story. I have been told the inquisitor story line is the most boring of the 4 a/c's. Currently I only have one 50, and it is a sith sorcerer. I too enjoyed the story line a good bit back when I leveled during this game's launch. That being said, I am currently leveling a juggernaut sporadically when I can. I have completed act one and IT...WAS...AWESOME. It made the story line for my sorcerer which I thought was pretty cool, seem kind of dull.

But you could already have a juggernaut that you leveled so I guess I'm going on a whim here. But if you love story/lore a lot like it seems, I'd level up some more classes. Cheers.