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12.31.2012 , 01:48 PM | #8
With Disney spending $4 billion on the Star Wars franchise I think they are going to be very careful with what they do with Episode 7. Star Wars "credibility" took a hit with the awful prequel trilogy. Add to that Lucas continuing to mess with the original movies really soured some people on Star Wars in general.

Best I would hope for would be the Thrawn Trilogy in movie form. Though I'm doubtful about that since the actors are a tad old to reprise their parts. They could use the tech from Tron Legacy to make them younger, but that would raise the cost of the movie even more.

What I hope is Ep 7 to focus on the [I]story[I] more than just pretty effects. If I want a fancy SFX riddled movie with no story or acting, I'll watch a Michael Bay movie.