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Why are all Hutts slugs when the first Hutt (Jabba) wasn't originally a slug but a human? If you didn't know Jabba was originally a human. You can tell in 'A New Hope' the added scene with Han and Jabba were Jabba is superimposed over a human character. And at the end of the scene as Han is walking away he calls him a human. I can't believe they left that line in as it makes the scene not make sense.

I know this is kind of retorical, as its George's universe and he can change what he pleases. I just find it strange that cause he changed this character Jabba to a slug, that it made all Hutts slugs, or made all slugs Hutts.

Here's a continued thought. What it Jabba stayed as a human? Would the Hutts in the movies, EU and Old Republic be a threat or even a large focus?

Food for thought, bored at work.
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