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"I am more of a scholar than a warrior."- Odan-Urr, Jedi Historian

As a New Years gift to you all, I thought I would present a thread on one of my favorite characters and an inspiration for these threads. So let's begin...

Odan-Urr was a Draethos Jedi and served as apprentice to the great Celegian Jedi Master Ooroo, who floated in a cyanogen tank, and trained on the mountainous world of Ossus. Unlike many of Ooroo's students, Odan-Urr wished to study history rather than make it. But the way of the Jedi is not so simple, and future events would revolve around Odan-Urr's actions.

Odan-Urr studied the great mysteries of The Force. His studies included history, ancient Jedi techniques, and the lore of the Jedi Order. Odan-Urr was particularly interested in the history of the Sith. His Jedi Master permitted him to study the lore of the Sith because he believed Odan-Urr would never stray from the Light Side of The Force.

Even as a fully trained Jedi Knight, Odan-Urr refused to partake in missions for the Republic. He preferred to study the ancient history of the galaxy, as well as Jedi techniques. However, Odan-Urr was pushed into excursions away from his scrolls and ancient texts at the request of Master Ooroo.

One such mission would take him to Koros Major to aid the young Empress Teta in uniting the seven worlds of the Koros system. Once there, Odan-Urr was taken under the wing of Jedi Advisor Memit Nadill. Memit planned to teach the young scholar the abilities necessary for a Jedi Knight to serve the galaxy. Odan-Urr told Memit that he preferred to study combat, rather than partake in it. This led Memit to believe that Odan-Urr would be far more capable than the other Jedi that had failed to aid the Empress.

Empress Teta had united all but one of the Koros worlds under her banner. The rebels of Kirrek had defeated any attack Empress Teta had made against them, and had begun firing on all ships military or civilian. But the Empress was adamant that a full scale assault was the only way to defeat the Kirrek rebels, to which Odan-Urr told her that he could secure victory for the Empress' forces with minimal casualties. He told Teta and Memit of the ancient art of Battle Meditation, an ability that allowed him to manipulate the outcome of a battle by raising the morale of allies and draining it for the enemy.

Odan-Urr then taught this powerful ability to Memit Nadill during the shuttle ride to Kirrek. Memit quickly mastered this ability, and the two Jedi used this ability to aid the Empress' forces. The tide of battle quickly swung in their favor, but as defeat neared, the Kirrek rebels became desperate. Their desperation caused them to fight relentlessly, something Odan-Urr feared would happen. Regardless of their struggle, the rebels were defeated. Odan-Urr was greatly saddened at the loss of life, but Memit told him that the battle would have been a bloodbath if not for Odan-Urr's Battle Meditation.

After the battle, Odan-Urr wished to return to Ossus, but Ooroo urged him to stay with the Empress and show the people that the Jedi Order stood by Empress Teta. Odan-Urr was forced to sit through parades and grand celebrations. He quickly grew weary of such things, but during one procession, a group of assassins attacked two civilians by the names of Jori and Gav Daragon. During the struggle, the predatory instincts of the Draethos Jedi kicked in and he violently cut down one of the assassins, while Memit settled things differently by disarming and subdueing the other assassins. Odan-Urr was greatly saddened that he had let the predatory instincts of his people push him to do such a thing.

Later that night, Odan-Urr had a vision of the funeral of Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos and the duel for the throne between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. He saw the repurcussions that the death of Marka Ragnos would have for the Republic. Odan-Urr quickly sprang into action and rushed to tell the Empress of what he saw. Teta trusted the Draethos Jedi and told him that she would bring his vision before the Senate when she traveled to Coruscant. But when the Empress and her Jedi protectors traveled to Coruscant, the Senate laughed off the vision and said it was simply a nightmare.

But they weren't nightmares. Shortly after their return, the young Jori Daragon infiltrated the Empress' palace to tell her of what was about to happen. She and her brother had been captured by Naga Sadow and the Sith. Sadow had allowed Jori to escape, as he had placed a tracker on Jori's ship. Jori's return to the Republic would be quickly followed by the return of the Sith.

Memit Nadill quickly traveled to Coruscant to scramble the Jedi for war, while Odan-Urr and Ooroo traveled to Kirrek to prepare for Naga Sadow's invasion. Before leaving, Odan-Urr gifted the Force-sensitive Jori Daragon his spare lightsaber.

Before the forces of Empress Teta could fully prepare themselves, Naga Sadow's forces arrived to bring war to the galaxy. Odan-Urr and Ooroo were faced with insurmountable odds as they battled the Massassi Warriors and powerful soldiers of the Sith Empire. The great Battle Meditation of Odan-Urr proved useless against the simple-minded Massassi Warriors and war beasts of Naga Sadow's armies, forcing him and Ooroo to meet the monsters in battle with the Force as their ally.

But the numbers were too great. The Sith were routing the Republic forces, as Ooroo had foreseen, forcing them to retreat. Master Ooroo commanded Odan-Urr to fall back to the Citadel. As Odan-Urr retreated, Master Ooroo punctured his cyanogen tank, releasing deadly toxins to kill the Massassi Warriors. Unfortunately, this act slowly killed Ooroo as well.

But the Sith did not stop, not until reinforments arrived to defeat the Sith fleet. At the same time, Naga Sadow lost his concentration, causing his powerful illusions to fade. The tide had turned and the Sith were vanquished. While the Republic continued fighting, Odan-Urr grieved for the loss of his mentor. Ooroo's dying words to Odan-Urr served as a prophecy, telling the Draethos that he would die surrounded by books and scrolls, that he would die as the oldest Jedi to ever live. This prophecy would come true centuries later.

Shortly after the Great War, Odan-Urr searched the wreakage of one of the Sith ships and found a Sith Holocron. He took this Holocron to Ossus with him for safe-keeping and study. When the Republic collected the surviving Sith Lords, Odan-Urr displayed his mastery of the ancient Sever Force ability to cut the Dark Siders off from the Force.

Odan-Urr then built the Great Jedi Library on Ossus. The Library would contain every piece of historical information the Jedi could find. The Library would take centuries to fill, as Odan-Urr and the Jedi sought ancient secrets. During this time, Odan-Urr categorized the information into four separate categories: "Pre-Hyperdrive", "Pre-Republic", "Early Republic", and "Mature Republic". Odan-Urr studied the knowledge that would be kept within the Great Library over centuries, giving him an encyclopedic knowledge of Galactic History and Jedi and Sith lore.

The Library itself was an impressive piece of architecture. It was built like a maze so only a rare few could gain access to the potentially dangerous information that lay hidden in the Great Library.

Odan-Urr became a Jedi Master four centuries after Ooroo's death and served the Jedi for another six centuries. During this time, Odan-Urr studied the Jedi Code in depth. He believed that the only way to truly master The Force was to first fully understand the Jedi Code. As such, he revised the Jedi Code so that it may serve as the avenue for true mastery of The Force.

"There is no Emotion, there is Peace
There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge
There is no Passion, there is Serenity
There is no Chaos, there is Harmony
There is no Death, there is The Force"

His revision of the Jedi Code would be used by the Jedi Order for several millenia, making him the most influential Jedi Master to ever live.

When Odan-Urr was over one thousand years old, the Jedi gathered on Deneba to discuss the Krath menace. The Krath were the descendants of Empress Teta, but were now taken by the Dark Side. At the Conclave, Ulic Qel-Droma decided to infiltrate the Krath and destroy them from within. Odan-Urr tried to turn Ulic away from this path, but his mind was already decided.

Qel-Droma's efforts failed and he was taken by the Dark Side and joined Exar Kun in his war on the galaxy. Odan-Urr would meet his destiny at the hands of Exar Kun when the newly annointed Dark Lord of the Sith had arrived on Ossus to take Naga Sadow's Sith Holocron. Master Odan-Urr did not fall to the mighty Sith Lord without a fight. The Draethos acknowledged Exar Kun to be the Dark Lord of the Sith and summoned the power mastery over the Light Side had given and pushed the Sith Lord back. But his struggle was pointless. Exar Kun summoned the power of the Dark Side and lashed out at Odan-Urr. The Draethos was too frail and too old to continue fighting and accepted his death. The Dark Side was rising and the Jedi Master could not stop it anymore. Odan-Urr died then, surrounded by books and scrolls, living to be one of the oldest Jedi to ever live, just as Ooroo had predicted.

The scholarly Jedi Master's teachings would be used by the Jedi Order until it was ultimately destroyed by the most powerful Sith Lord to exist. He was one of the oldest and wisest Jedi to ever live.

Odan-Urr's studies of the most ancient abilities allowed him to use such abilities as Battle Meditation and Sever Force. He could also use Enhance ability, which allowed the user to overcome old age during battle. This power would be used by Jedi Master Yoda several times during the Clone Wars. Odan-Urr was also a user of Force Aware, which allowed him to be in complete harmony with The Force and his natural surroundings. He was also a user of Alter Environment.

While Odan-Urr had proved to be a capable warrior, he found the practices of combat distasteful. He later abandoned his lightsaber in favor of furthering his connection to The Force and studying the ancient scrolls that had collected in his Great Library. His studies afforded him knowledge that no other member of the Jedi Order had. He could recall certain events with absolute clarity with his encyclopedic knowledge. He was the wisest Jedi of his time and one of the wisest Jedi of all time.

*After Exar Kun killed Odan-Urr, what was the excuse he gave to his future students for possessing Naga Sadow's Sith Holocron?

There will be a thread coming out where I go in-depth in our study of The Teachings of Odan-Urr.

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