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I have no clue why the devs dont add pazaak and swoop to the game. Sheesh, do these guys play games or know what makes them fun?
I'd say it's a pretty safe bet than none of the dev team have ever played this game on a live server full of people. Maybe on "internal" and "test" servers, but not live.

They should be required to spend at least 8 hours of every week (either 1 straight day or 2 half-days) grinding toons and running FPs, WZs and Ops. I can garantee you it would give them a whole new perspective about the changes they make, how annoying and numerous the bugs really are and how their "fixes" affect the real game (rather than the theoretical game that their QA guys play). The main reason crap content gets introduced and problems never get addressed is because they really don't know because you can't reproduce stuff in a realistic environment on a closed server.

Prime example: I can guarantee you none of them have ever tried to do Section X on a Saturday evening on The Red Eclipse, because if they did they would have fixed the spawning and sticking issues in their like a week after it went live.