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Is it 200 or 300 pages that a thread get's close and re-opened?

Well anyway, BW just make Dalborra a destination server, let Master Dar'Naalan's and GavD user's come and join us.

The people who choose to stay on their respective servers can then be merged in to a secondary server, chosen between MasterD and GavD.

We'd be left with: Dalborra - Oceanic Mainserver
GavD or MasterD - Oceanic secondary server [for those that want less lag/enjoy a slightly lower

BW If you tinker with Dalborra, especially now that we're actually clawing our way back to decent populations, then I officially give up, I will not lose my names again, nor will the hundreds of people I've known to be on that server since Oceanic launch. We were lucky/smart and picked a PVE server [which typically does have higher populations than RP/PvP server].

My greatest worry in regards to this thread is that all this complaining [whilst completely warranted] will serve to get us handed a solution that many of us don't want , which is to be forced off Dalborra on to some 'new server' that doesn't exist at this time, which will result in thousands of people losing names that they specifically claimed at Oceanic launch to avoid that hastle/issue.
Think it used to be 100 pages but they just ignore us thes days with the occasional mod cleanup lol

1st thing i did when this post started was to go onto the other 2 APAC servers and create a toon with my mains name so i didnt lose it if we ever got merger same with the Harbinger incase we got sent back there
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